Newsletter Referrals

We know many of you love our recipe emails, so we've come up with an easy and fun way to share our newsletter with friends.

You'll see a gray block at the bottom of our emails, click the link to access your dashboard and you should see this page if it's your first time, or if you're on a new device. Simply enter your name and email (the same email at which you receive our newsletter):

And you'll then see your dashboard. First is a list of rewards for completed referrals along with your referral count.
Then a personal link that you can copy and email to friends or post on social.
To make it even easier, we have a panel right below this where you can simply enter a friend's email, then click submit. Our system will send them an email so they can visit our site and subscribe.
And some preloaded social sharing buttons to make that easier too
We're hoping this makes it way easier for you to share us with your friend, and of course if you have any questions or feedback please email us at