Cammy Wooddall

She started her time at La Boite in the summer of 2020 after working in events and partnerships for a private chef company. Her interest in food, curiosity surrounding spices, and passion for storytelling are displayed throughout her work at La Boite. Continually growing her knowledge about spices and how to use them is her favorite thing about working at La Boite, aside from the amazing team.

When she isn’t at work, Cammy is still focused on food, with home cooking and entertaining two of her major passions. Her father’s cooking combined with her southern roots has influenced her cooking style and the flavors she enjoys conjuring up in the kitchen. 

As a pepper lover, Pierre is the blend that she reaches for the most, using it in practically every dish. She also loves Desert Rose and Izak. She always keeps a jar of Harissa Honey in her fridge and shrimp in her freezer, so she can make Gambas al Ajillo whenever she gets a hankering. It’s one of her favorite quick weeknight meals.

Find Cammy's Southern Style Shrimp and Grits recipe here! She makes this recipe for her family every year on Easter.