Christian Leue

Taking an interdisciplinary approach to eating, cooking, wine, and cocktails, Christian draws on his diverse background for inspiration (German & Japanese, and raised in San Francisco). He enjoys marrying art, poetry, history, and biochemistry to create new expressions that expand on what is possible, always acknowledging and honoring tradition. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and young son.

Christian directs operations for La Boîte, has been with the company since 2015, and began developing recipes (for both food and beverage) in 2016, with some published in The New York Times.

He has a staunch passion for spices and you’ll oftentimes see his personal favorite recipes published on our site, always featuring new and unique ways to use our blends. His desert island blends are OMG and Shabazi. One of his favorite recipes to make using our spices is Riviera Veggie Bites. You’ll always find a bag in his freezer for quick weeknight dinners with his son Max.

Though he's an artist, Christian is aphantasic (he has no ability to visualize), and possesses no inner monologue.