Erika Coughlin

Erika is a born and bred New Yorker who grew up in the Bronx. Her earliest and fondest memories are of summers spent in Puerto Rico cooking traditional food with her grandma, so food has always been close to her heart.

She joined us in 2019 as our events coordinator and when events started ramping down due to Coronavirus in early 2020, Erika transitioned to helping out Geraldine and Mymi at the store on 51st St. She loves the customer-facing aspect and has been able to grow her knowledge of spices, which inspires her to be more adventurous in her own home kitchen.

She and her husband, Joe, are passionate about travel and food and enjoy sharing these experiences with their two children. In her home kitchen, Erika uses Pierre Poivre in place of black pepper almost every day. Sofrico and sumac are also two spices she reaches for the most. You’ll always find the ingredients for a fattoush salad ready to be assembled in her fridge!