Geraldine Taylor

Geraldine has been our trusty retail store manager since 2017. She comes from Chile where she attended multiple universities to study photography, business, and public relations. At 28 she came to the United States after working as a Public Relations Assistant in the Chilean government. Although there are some differences; both Chile and the United States are “home” for her.

Her heritage has had a large influence on her love for food. She has memories of visiting her great aunt’s farm with her grandmother where there was always a giant pot of quail escabeche on the stove and the aroma of exotic spices wafting through the air. Growing up near the ocean, seafood was a constant part of her life; she and her friends would meet the fishermen at the docks at sunrise and enjoy freshly made ceviche.

At home, Geraldine has a love for entertaining and a passion for cooking and baking for friends and family. Her top blends are Apollonia, Riviera Herbs, Izak, Ayala, and of course, Pierre. She enjoys seasonal cooking, with an ever-changing menu being prepared at home. Her “secret ingredient" is a little Cara in her coffee.