Helen Park

Helen Park

Our Culinary Director Helen has cultivated years of experience in Michelin Star hospitality, in New York City and abroad, Research and Development for companies like Fresh Direct, and as the Regional Culinary Director for Whole Foods Market. Drawing on her passion for cultural foods, amazing ingredients, diligent sourcing, and constant eating, Helen develops dishes for La Boite with accessibility and seasonality in mind. 

Helen and Lior met at Daniel and stayed close friends throughout the years. They share the same conviction that spice blends should be used to make people’s lives easier and food more delicious. 

To Helen, the easiest way to do this is through a well-stocked pantry of flavorful condiments, sauces, and dressings that can be used to make on-hand items into great meals. You’ll notice that this is a common theme in her recipes. The fridge at the Spice Lab is always full of jars ready to elevate, marinate, and appreciate salads, vegetables, meats, and seafood - whatever you’re in the mood for. 

As a sesame addict, you’ll oftentimes find Helen working tahinaDesert Rose, or halva floss into recipes. Sesame Strawberry TiramisuSesame Milk, and Sesame Cardamom Granola are some of her favorite sesame-forward dishes that she’s created. Spaghetti with Brown Butter Tomato Sauce is a recipe she accidentally came up with many years ago that has become a staple. Her version uses Luberon to add an herby foundation for the fresh herbs that finish the dish.



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