Recipes from Mastering Spice

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Baked Penne

Made with a spice blend consisting of rosemary, garlic, oregano, and black pepper, this baked pasta dish is comforting and familiar. Making a homemade, simple spice blend like this one really transforms a relatively easy dish. 

Citrus Braised Short Ribs

The hint of chocolate in Urfa pepper is echoed by cocoa powder in this spice rub. Both bring out short ribs’ richness, which is countered by tangy sumac and pomegranate juice.

Yogurt Challah

Nigella seeds and turmeric add both flavor and texture to this challah bread. Plus, the turmeric gives it this awesome yellow color. 

Seared Salmon

As the spices sear onto the salmon, they toast up and become even more fragrant. This is a great dish to have in your back pocket for a quick, but flavorful weeknight dinner.

Brown Sugar Banana Bread

Warm spices like cardamom and cinnamon go great with this hearty banana bread recipe. That combined with brown sugar gives it a molasses-type flavor that is so comforting. 

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