Brooklyn Born Chocolate

Jean-François Bonnet, founder of Brooklyn Born Chocolate, and Lior were first introduced when they worked together at Daniel. In 2005, Chef Bonnet opened Brooklyn Born Chocolates with the goal of providing unique confections with top quality ingredients. 

In collaboration with Brooklyn Born Chocolate, La Boite introduced a line of Spice Bars. Three unique spiced snack bars featuring nuts, fruits, chocolates, seeds and spices. 

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spiced dried fruit and honey bar
Bombay N.3, Dried Fruit, and Honey - Spice Bar
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dried nut and lemon bar with shabazi
Shabazi N.38, Candied Lemon, and Nuts - Spice Bar
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pretzel and chocolate bar with smoked salt
Smoked Salt N.8, Pretzel, and Chocolate - Spice Bar
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