Recipes for Passover

Here is a collection of recipes that are great for Passover.


The ultimate Jewish chutney! Sesame seeds and nigella seeds give a great crunch and texture.



Passover Chicken & Dumpling Soup

A new take on matzoh ball soup. 


Macaroons with tahina and halva added!



Gold Fashioned

A simple twist on a classic Old Fashioned, using date syrup in the place of sugar and our golden-yellow Mishmish N33 blend instead of cocktail bitters.



My Mom's Coffee Braised Brisket

From Zahav, a cookbook by Michael Solomonov. 


Cardamom Lemon Wedges

A chewy coconut, macaroon-like crush is topped with a silky lemon curd for a new take on a classic. Recipe developed by Zoe Kanan. 


Red Rubbed Baby Lamb Chops

Recipe from the I Heart Kosher, a cookbook by Kim Kushner. 


Watch Lior make Passover chicken & dumplings, halvaroons, and charoset from our Passover Cooking Demo on 3/18!

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