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Perfect stocking stuffer gifts for the food in your life! Here is our collection of culinary gifts under $10.
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jar of vietnamese cinnamon
vietnamese cinnamon up close
Vietnamese Cinnamon $9.00
jar of peperoncini
peperoncini up close
Peperoncini $9.00
jar of coriander seeds
up close of coriander seeds
Coriander $9.00
jar of dried ancho chile
up close of dried ancho chile
Ancho $9.00
jar of fennel seeds
fennel seeds up close
Fennel $9.00
jar of za'atar leaves
za'atar leaves close up
Za'atar Leaves $9.00
jar of ajowan spice
ajowan spice close up
Ajowan $9.00
jar of dried chipotle peppers
dried chipotle peppers up close
Chipotle $9.00
jar of mustard seeds
mustard seeds up close
Mustard $9.00
jar of green peppercorn
green peppercorn up close
Green Peppercorn $9.00
jar of sage
sage up close
Sage $9.00
jar of whole juniper berries
juniper berries up close
Juniper $9.00
jar of mint
mint up close
Mint $9.00
jar of lucknow fennel
lucknow fennel up close
Lucknow Fennel $9.00
jar of dried birds eye chile
up close of fried birds eye chile
Bird's Eye Chile $9.00
Ground Cumin
Ground Cumin
Ground Cumin $9.00
Chili Powder
Chili Powder
Chili Powder $9.00