Collection: Voyager Single Spices

Eric Ripert of Manhattan's Le Bernardin and Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boîte introduce their line of single spices as part of The Voyager Collection.
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jar of ajowan spice
Ajowan $9.00
jar of whole allspice
Allspice $9.00
jar of anise spice
Anise $9.00
jar of annatto seeds
Annatto $9.00
jar of dried birds eye chile
Bird's Eye Chile $9.00
jar of black cumin
Black Cumin $9.00
jar of caraway seeds
Caraway $9.00
jar of dried chipotle peppers
Chipotle $9.00
jar of coriander seeds
Coriander $9.00
Cyprus Black Salt
Cyprus Black Salt $9.00
jar of dried dill leaf
Dill Leaf $9.00
jar of dill seeds
Dill Seed $9.00
jar of fennel seeds
Fennel $9.00
Sold out
jar of fennel pollen
Fennel Pollen $30.00
jar of fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek $9.00
jar of galangal
Galangal $9.00
jar of grains of paradise seeds
Grains of Paradise $16.00
Granulated Onion
Granulated Onion $9.00
jar of gray salt
Gray Salt $9.00
jar of green cardamom pods
Green Cardamom $12.00