Fall 2022 Blend Set

Recipes using this spice
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5 essential spice blends for fall cooking.

The Fall 2022 collection is curated to enhance a season full of delicious dishes.

The Fall 2022 Blend Set includes:

  • B-Mary - This blend makes a great bloody mary and an even better addition to minestrone.  Tomato, pimentón, and celery seeds add that extra smokey and tomatoey balance for hearty soups and stews.
  • Isphahan N1 - Inspired by Persian flavors, this blend features citrusy limon omani, fragrant green cardamon, and savory additions like garlic that add a bright balance to every dish it is infused with.
  • Vadouvan N28 - A lightly sweet French version of Indian curry, Vadouvin adds a delicate je ne sais quoi to your fall favorites.
  • Iris N9 - Crunchy and nutty sesame seeds, anise, and caraway go great to season a big, roasty batch of root vegetables this season.
  • Everyday Masala - Bring depth and flavor to your everyday dishes with this masala blended with alleppey turmeric, nutty cumin, coriander, and a touch of chili.

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