Fall 2023 Blend Set

Recipes using this spice
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5 essential spice blends for fall cooking.

A diverse collection of versatile spices (many that are great for sweet and savory dishes) for the fall season - from cozy meals to holiday repasts

The Fall 2023 Blend Set includes:

  • Baharat warm, sweet, and savory Middle Eastern spices like allspice, cinnamon, and rose. Enhance everything from baking to grilled keftas.
  • Isphahan - Inspired by Persian flavors, this blend features citrusy limon omani, fragrant green cardamon, and savory additions like garlic that add a bright balance to every dish it is infused with.
  • Penangsweet chilies, cardamom, and lemongrass.  Inspired by red curry paste of Malaysia
  • Amba - A tangy condiment in powder form, Amba gets its sweet tartness from green mango, earthy essence from turmeric, and savory finish from black pepper and fenugreek.
  • Ana - A savory-sweet floral blend. Ana adds delicate rose petals to the bold flavors of onion and tart citrus notes of sumac for an aromatic and visually stunning mix.

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