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Light and flakey halva in three flavors.

The sesame is slowly toasted and ground into tahini then blended with sugar and vanilla, chocolate, or pistachio for a just sweet enough result that is light and flakey.  We love the irresistibly airy texture.

It's perfect as a snack, crumbled onto yogurt and berries, and folded into a cake or cookie batter just before baking.

Made by Har Bracha, a family-run business in Israel. Jacob's (the owner) father was one of the biggest sesame traders in the Middle East.  Their generational expertise proudly features 100% humera sesame seeds selected from Ethiopia.

Featured in the NY Times "Front Burner"

Please note, best by dates are recorded as Day/Month/Year from Israel.

Product Details
  • Vanilla Halva (250g) tahini, sugar, glucose syrup, vanilla, citric acid.

  • Pistachio Halva (250g) - tahini, sugar, glucose syrup, pistachio, citric acid.

  • Chocolate Marble Halva (250g) - tahini, sugar, glucose syrup, chocolate, citric acid.

  • contains sesame (pistachio also contains pistachio)
  • kosher and vegan
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