Spring 2023 Blend Set

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5 essential spice blends for spring cooking.

The Spring 2023 collection brings the best out of your spring cooking (and cocktailing).  Marinate, drizzle, and crust on the flavor for bold sears, delicate balance, and a season full of delicious dishes.

The Spring 2023 Blend Set includes:

  • Chios - A savory herbal blend of Greek ingredients. Mastiha from the island of Chios is blended with mint, oregano, and fennel for a taste of the Mediterranean coast.
  • Bombay - Our twist on Madras curry, Bombay layers the earthiness of tumeric with the floral warmth of cloves and cardamom for a sweet, mellow blend.
  • Le Poivre - a robust blend of bold peppercorns and sweet, sun-soaked, Basque espelette chilies to infuse dishes with citrusy heat.
  • B Maria - A smoky blend of bright citrus flavors packed with heat. B-Maria's bold mix of pimentón, chipotle and lime makes for a hot and tangy marinade or a tequila bloody mary.
  • Moruno - A bold blend inspired by pintxos morunos, or Spanish pork skewers. Rich and earthy, Moruno combines cumin and floral saffron, finished with a subtle-sweet pepperiness.
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  • A Total of 5 jars
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