Winter 2023 Blend Set

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A cozy collection of Winter spice blends for this season's cooking.

The Winter set is curated with a combination of warm, sweet and bold blends. Discover a unique balance of sweet and savory in each blend with a welcoming warmth for the winter season. Finish the year with a celebration of flavors fit for a hearty meal or a cheeky cocktail and start the year with an exploration of flavors and spices.

The Winter 2022 Blend Set includes:

  • B Marion - A warm, smoky blend with sweet heat. B-Marion blends a tomato and smoked paprika with the deep, rich flavors of caraway and anise for layered sweetness.
  • Ana - A savory-sweet floral blend. Ana adds delicate rose petals to the bold flavors of onion and sweet citrus notes of sumac for an aromatic and visually stunning mix. Contains: Sesame Seeds.
  • D’vora - A savory and fresh blend fit for falafel. D’Vora combines parsley and the bold toasted flavors of onion and cumin with a bright lift from lemon.
  • Massalis - A sweet and floral curry-inspired blend. Massalis combines the rich flavors of turmeric with warm, sweet notes of clove and honey.
  • Marrakesh - The warm spices of Morocco in one bold blend. Marrakesh balances the earthy flavors of cumin and cardamom with the subtle sweetness of cinnamon.
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  • A Total of 5 jars
  • Some products may contain onion and/or salt.  Please see product pages for specifics.
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