Athena Poilâne

As a child, I spent my summers by the sea and developed a fascination with the natural environment that surrounded the Brittany coast. I was always encouraged to look around me for the beauty in details that were seldom noticed and made it a habit to look for the trace of time on the discarded; rust on a chain, barnacles growing on rocks in shallow water. Evidence of nature taking over and transforming things as time passes has been an inspiration in how I handle material and experience my work.
 I’m interested in bringing together unusual objects that are both natural and man-made, to create hybrid portraits that illustrate an imagined memory.

Each key represents a place I have either lived or worked in and the memories that live within them. A key is the first step to enter a space; it is what will unlock a memory. In the same manner, the various flavors and spices used in the “biscuits” are the first step to awaken our taste buds; they are the triggers that lead us to memories and past experiences and are what will possibly enhance our sensorial experience.