Chaat Masala Grilled Cheese

Chaat, meet grilled cheese. This quick and easy dish uses a spice blend to save you a lot of time and still deliver big flavor. The dipping sauces ...

B Mary Seafood Cocktail

B Mary make this a deluxe version of cocktail sauce that has the flavor of Bloody Mary that everyone loves.

Summer Fruit Salad

This is a simple way to showcase ripe summer fruit. The Galil N13 blend provides a savory and herbal counterpart to the sweet flavors. Want somethi...

Hanguk Zucchini Pancake

This zucchini pancake is based on the classic Korean seafood and vegetable pancake.  Hanguk brings the sweet shellfish depth of flavor and chili in...

Whole Roasted Chicken

Change your spices, change your dish. A classic roast chicken is enhanced and enlivened by my Mediterranean Lemon blend.

Dali Seafood Boil

Dali spice blend makes this seafood boil taste like vacation in Spain.

Vegan Cheesecake

Lemon myrtle has such a light, fresh, sweet-astringency. The smell is incredible! I use it here to create a tasty and easy treat.

Amba Aioli

A zesty aioli with pickled mango and espelette pepper, amba aioli is great as a condiment or ingredient.

Amba Crab Cake Sandwich

Amba Aioli makes this delicate jumbo lump crab cake rich and luxurious. Layered into a rich and soft brioche bun with pickles, avocado, greens, and...

Amba Crab Cakes

Amba Aioli makes this delicate jumbo lump crab cake rich and luxurious.

Rose Gold

This cocktail combines cognac, which many people associate with colder weather, with watermelon, a summer staple. Hibiscus and sumac lend acidity, ...

Tomato-Glazed Rack of Lamb

Eggplant goes tender in the oven and soaks up rich, meaty juices when roasted under a rack of lamb. This is an ideal centerpiece for any Italian- i...