The Voyager Collection with Eric Ripert

A collection of spice blends and single spices created by Eric and Lior.

The Bloody Mary Collection with Jim Meehan

Four spice blends, crafted in collaboration with famed mixologist Jim Meehan, for making the perfect Bloody Mary.

Zahav Mini 5 Set with Michael Solomonov

Cook the Zahav cookbook with these five spice blends

The Spice Dabba with Kanchan Koya

A unique custom Spice Dabba created in collaboration with Kanchan Koya and La Boite featuring five custom blends and three essential single spices.

Spice Blends for Amanda Freitag

5 custom spice blends made in collaboration with Chef Amanda Freitag

Custom Spice Blends for Paul Kahan

Three custom spice blends made with acclaimed Chef Paul Kahan

Adeena Sussman's Spices

Three unique blends inspired by Adeena's culinary experiences in the US and Israel.

Chat Masala with Samah Dada

Chat masala and cookbook coming soon.

Christopher Curtin, Eclat Chocolate

Bars and spiced chocolate chips with Éclat.

Naomi Mobed, Le Bon Magot

Artisan chutneys and conserves with Le Bon Magot

Spiced Vinegar by Catskill Provisions

Apple cider vinegar seasoned with honey and Luberon N4

Primonition Hot Sauce by Primo's Peppers

Made by our friends in Lafayette Louisiana

Redhead Hot Sauce by Cindy List

A unique hot sauce condiment made with peached, honey, chilies, and spices

The Spice Box, Ufuk Keskin

By La Boîte and designer Ufuk Keskin, the perfect way to store your spices!