Redhead Hot Sauce

Redhead Hot Sauce

Cindy List, a New York City hairstylist and makeup artist, began making hot sauce as a hobby over a decade ago and sharing her creations with friends. The recipe for Redhead Hot Sauce stemmed from her initial years of experimentation in the kitchen, using chilies from her balcony garden. The word began to spread about Cindy's delicious hot sauce and she decided to expand her business. She opened an online store and began making more varieties of hot sauce.

Cindy being a long time fan of La Boite, reached out to Lior to create two spice blends for her products. The blend made with ground mustard, curry powder, cayenne, and other spices is used in Cindy's Redhead Hot Sauce recipe. Redhead Hot Sauce is a unique condiment, made with peaches, honey, chilies and spices.

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