Cara & Cocoa Bundt Cake

This chocolatey bundt cake gets a unique holiday flavor from our Cara blend, including a rich glaze.

Baked Sufganiyot

For all the times you wished you could have a healthier decadence, we offer the baked donuts for your consideration.  Celebrate the miracles of th...

Vegan Cheesecake

Lemon myrtle has such a light, fresh, sweet-astringency. The smell is incredible! I use it here to create a tasty and easy treat.

Frozen Labneh

Using the purée from my Fresh Piña Colada is an easy and fun way to make a delicious frozen dessert. Comapeño and poblano chilis brighten and enhan...

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies perfectly balance sweet and savory thanks to the Sweet Baking Blend and a healthy dose of flaky salt.

Chocolate Shortbread Sandwiches

Melted chocolate glues the cookies together and keeps them snappy while balancing their sweetness with its bitter edge. You can use chopped bit...

Hazelnut Chocolate Babka

Based on my challah dough, a touch of heat from ancho chile amplifies the chocolaty indulgence twisted into this cinnamon-and-ginger-scented dough....

Zucchini Bread

Sweet enough to be a breakfast treat and savory enough for a cheese board, this fluffy cake combines thyme with the faint anise scent of carawa...

Ancho Chili Banana Bread

The sugary crunch of banana chips dotting this loaf is tempered by the peppery notes of cubeb, the tangy warmth of amchoor, and the heat of ancho.

Rose Petal Tahini Ice Cream

I cook with my children on (almost) a daily basis. I believe that's what made my tiny kitchen the most special place on my children's mind. If you'...

Skillet-Fried Banana Bread

Based on the stellar recipe from Mastering Spice, this loaf is sliced, then fried in slices to create a flavorful crust. Perfect with cream, ice cr...

Desert Rose Cake Mix

Make an easy and delicious cake with this easy to use mix. Just add the wet ingredients and follow the instructions below.