Grated Tomato Flatbreads with Poppy Seeds

Spreading grated fresh tomatoes over garlicky flatbread adds a summery freshness. Adding the juicy tomatoes to the already baked flatbreads instead...

Canning Tomatoes

Whether preserving the fruits of labor from your own tomato garden or hoarding those amazing summer farmers’ market tomatoes, canning is a great wa...

Spicy Sour Pickles

This is a quick little pickle featuring the Sheba blend with cumin, paprika, and cayenne.  It uses only two Persian cucumbers, a little vinegar, an...

Dvora Falafel

Full of fresh herbs and crunchy Dvora flavor, falafel is always best freshly made and straight out of the pan.

Mish Mash

This playful cocktail (and the most common mispronunciation of our Mishmish blend), is based on a recipe that's more than 100 years old, the Adalor...

Radicchio with Zaatar and Olive

Grilled or pan roasted radicchio get a roasted flavor while remaining crisp. 

Ayala Lamb Chops

My wife and I love making these lamb chops since they are so simple. I based the recipe on a Northern Italian preparation, scottadito (which means ...

Root Vegetable & Date Stew

Rub Adom is fantastic on meats, and here it lends depth to a Middle Eastern twist on beef stew. Comforting and familiar, fresh and interesting.

Dill Pickles

Bernise and high-quality dried dill leaves are great to have on hand to make these quick dill pickles.

Dvora Falafel Burger

Full of fresh herbs and crunchy Dvora flavor, the falafel burger has the satisfaction and crispy edges of a crusty, cast iron seared meat patty.

Cataluña Walnuts

I always have toasted and spiced seeds and nuts on hand for salads and to top platters of vegetables.  I recommend them as pantry staples.

Broccoli Rabe and Amba Aioli

Tender stems and charry leaves of grilled broccoli rabe get a delicious finish with Amba Aioli and smokey sweet Cataluña walnuts.