Whole Roasted Chicken

Change your spices, change your dish. A classic roast chicken is enhanced and enlivened by my Mediterranean Lemon blend.

Dali Seafood Boil

Dali spice blend makes this seafood boil taste like vacation in Spain.

Vegan Cheesecake

Lemon myrtle has such a light, fresh, sweet-astringency. The smell is incredible! I use it here to create a tasty and easy treat.

Amba Aioli

A zesty aioli with pickled mango and espelette pepper, amba aioli is great as a condiment or ingredient.

Rose Gold

This cocktail combines cognac, which many people associate with colder weather, with watermelon, a summer staple. Hibiscus and sumac lend acidity, ...

Tomato-Glazed Rack of Lamb

Eggplant goes tender in the oven and soaks up rich, meaty juices when roasted under a rack of lamb. This is an ideal centerpiece for any Italian- i...

Grilled Asparagus OMG

Grilled asparagus is a crowd favorite that only gets better with OMG vinaigrette.

Frozen Labneh

Using the purée from my Fresh Piña Colada is an easy and fun way to make a delicious frozen dessert. Comapeño and poblano chilis brighten and enhan...

Pickled Red Cabbage

This basic pickling method works for many vegetables.  If you wanted to make several jars of various kinds of pickles, bake a big batch of the liqu...

Sweet Potato Tostada

Seasoned with our smoky Cataluña spice mix these sweet potatoes have a warm and caramelized flavor of chorizo. Topped with creamy Shabazi Tahini s...

Shabazi Grilled Vegetables

One of my favorite and most simple ways to prepare vegetables is simply grilling them. The combination of charred flavors, smoke and spice results ...

Beef Phở

Considered the national dish of Vietnam, this dish has a history as rich and complex as flavor of the broth. Originating in the north, following th...