My work is the result of an action or gesture creating various organic patterns formed by collecting, stamping, shaping, sewing, pressing and installing. I work with a wide variety of materials and methods and i have been particularly interested in integrating the functional purpose of my projects with my interest in form. I combine transparencies created for the metallic puzzles. Fragmentation makes weightless the arbitrariness of light crossing and looping the empty spaces of my work. I have found great inspiration in both natural and industrial processes, as well as common domestic environment.


My work has been represented at numerous exhibitions both in Venezuela and abroad. In addition to the exhibition of my work I have been commissioned by private collectors and businesses to create original works of art. I have designed and built architectural pieces such as main doors for Muci Gallery (Caracas), Koenig’s Family from Prosein Co. (Caracas), Gustavo Rossen (President of CANTV of Venuezuela), Cohen’s Family, among others. Hand rails for Lovera’s Family (President of Venuezuelan Credit Bank), Koenig’s Family from Prosein Co. (Caracas), Lao’s Family (New York) among others.