braised short ribs and orange in a pan

Citrus-Braised Short Ribs

When I was a chef at Daniel Boulud’s restaurant Daniel, I cooked four hundred pounds of short ribs a week. For a long time after I left, I couldn’t even look at a short rib. Recently, I have come back to them and remembered why they are so great—achieving rich and complex flavor in the meat and braising liquid takes barely any effort at all. Here, orange wedges cut the meat’s richness with the pulp’s tang and the rind’s pleasantly bitter edge, and they are delicious eaten along with the carrots in the sauce. Simple tweaks, like changing the braising base, make short ribs ideal for any dinner party menu.

The hint of chocolate in Urfa pepper is echoed by cocoa powder in this spice rub. Both bring out short ribs’ richness, which is countered by tangy sumac and pomegranate juice.