Roasted Chicken with Hazelnut, and Spinach

Do Good Chicken with Hazelnut and Spinach

As you sip white wine (or your beverage of choice) and wind down from the day, this golden platter of crispy chicken will be ready to come out of the oven complete with side dish.  We recommend marinating (it can keep up to 3 days) to really make the most of the spices and seasonings.  The recipe below uses OMG but the dish is very versatile to swap in your favorite blends.  Isphahan, Bombay, Shabazi, and Amber would all be great options.

This dish was made with Do Good Chicken.  Every once in a while, we encounter an ingredient that inspires.  Our friends at Do Good are on a mission to fight climate change by rescuing food surplus (typically 40% of all food produced) and transforming it into feed for chickens they raise right back into the fresh food system. Each Do Good Chicken prevents 4 pounds of food from going to landfill.  This closed loop reduces carbon emissions by avoiding landfill and reducing wasted resources by renewing the surplus.  Eating well can mean doing good at the same time.  Check out the recipe notes below for more information on how we and Do Good can do better.


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