Storage & Organization

Storage & Organization

Proper storage leads to longer-lasting spices. Always try to keep spices out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry area of your kitchen.

Don't keep your spices on a sunny windowsill or near the oven. This will ensure longevity, flavor, and color. Spices rarely ferment or spoil, so old spices shouldn't make you sick. However, old spices don't retain their flavors and smells.

It's best to throw out spices that have lost their smell and color and buy new ones.


We always recommend labeling your spice containers with the type of spice and date purchased. This ensures that you know what is in each spice jar, as a lot of spices can look the same. Adding the purchase date lets you know when it's time to start using up old spices. Throw out spices after a year.

The Container


Pros: doesn't conduct heat or react with ingredients. Transparent and nice to look at. 

Cons: Risk of breakage and exposure to light


Pros: Easy to clean, doesn't react with spices, no risk of breakage

Cons: Conducts heat, and no ability to track inventory because they are opaque


Pros: No risk of breakage or light exposure, doesn't conduct heat

Cons: Can allow humidity to seep through and material could react with spices


Pros: They take up very little space because they lay flat

Cons: They don't seal very well and aren't practical in the kitchen


Pros: Low breakage risk and transparent, so you can keep track of inventory

Cons: Can react with acids found in some spices. Make sure your containers are BPA-free

Spice Racks & Displays

How you store your spices is a personal decision, but there are a few things you should consider. First, always avoid pre-filled spice racks. You never know when they were packaged or how old the spices are. We recommend storing spices on your kitchen counter. That way, they're always accessible and you'll use them more often.

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