Roasted Whole Fish

Whole fish are easy enough for a child to make—I know because that’s when I first cooked one. After fishing with my dad, I’d stuff the trout we caught with lemon slices and throw it in the hot oven. This version isn’t much more complex. Have the fish gutted and scaled at the store and, once home, coat the skin with oil and spices, which will roast into a very savory crust. A medley of vegetables in and under the fish turns into a natural side dish, making this a one-pan meal that you can walk away from while it’s roasting. You really don’t need anything else to make this a complete dinner, but good crusty bread or steamed rice never hurt.

Limon omani gives great acidity to the fish without adding extra liquid. Its tartness is complemented by garlic and bay leaves, along with the grassy freshness of savory and the rounded heat of Aleppo pepper.


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