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The seeds of the cilantro herb, with an entirely different, woodsier flavor

Coriander is a heat-loving annual of the parsley family along with carrots, fennel, and caraway. Like fennel, it is one of the few spices that are completely edible from root to leaves and seeds.

This popular spice has been a mainstay in cuisines across India, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East for centuries and is essential to many authentic dishes. These include Indian curries, Russian and Scandinavian liqueurs, pickles, tagines, and baked goods. The essential oils are also used in soaps, perfumes, and cosmetics.

India, which produces a significant amount of coriander, consumes most of what it harvests domestically, so oftentimes you'll see Moroccan coriander at the store, the smaller-seeded variety. Canada is, surprisingly enough, a major producer of this small-seeded Moroccan variety.

Flavor & Aroma

Moroccan coriander seeds, the most common, have a sweet, woodsy, spicy fragrance and warm flavor. Indian dhania has a slightly sweeter and stronger aroma, with stronger nuttiness and citrus notes. Because both are different, Lior often opts for a half and half mix in his blends. However, he believes that the seeds really shine when they're coarsely ground where they supply great texture and bursts of flavor.

India only sells small amounts of dhania every year, so we make sure to stock up during the season!



Native to the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Western Asia and cultivated in India, South Asia, Morocco, Canada, and the US

Harvest Season

There are two types of coriander: the smaller-seeded Moroccan variety and the larger-seeded Indian dhania variety. Moroccan coriander is more common and is mostly harvested in Canada in the spring. Dhania, which has a yellow color and long, oval shape is grown as a winter crop. 


Usage Ideas

1. Combine coriander seeds with egg whites and granulated sugar and bake until crispy for a salad topping.

2. Sprinkle ground coriander on halved strawberries with a drizzle of lime and a pinch of cayenne. Macerate for 10 minutes before serving with ice cream.

3. Coat a log of fresh goat cheese with a handful of coarsely ground coriander and poppy seeds.

Other Pairings

Mojito • Cream of mushroom soup • Ratatouille • Grilled pork chops • Seared tuna • Pickle brine • Dukkah

Recipes Using Coriander

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