Winter Spice Cooking Class Recipes

Cook-along with Lior and learn how to make these 5 spicy recipes!

Amaro Negroni

A new take on a classic, this Negroni is made with the addition of La Boite American Amaro

Fluke Crudo with Grapefruit Salsa

From The Art of Blending, this recipe showcases the winning combination of fish, citrus and heat. Shabazi N.38, high quality olive oil and ripe, fresh grapefruits are the keys to making this dish shine. 

Freekeh Maqluba

A hearty main dish made with freekeh, which naturally has a round, smoky flavor, so you don't need to add a lot of ingredients to make a tasty dish. 

Vadouvan Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Vadouvan and Brussels sprouts play off each other in this veggie side dish. 

Blood Orange & Olive Oil Salad with Sorbet

Sorbet, Mishmish, blood orange supremes, and olive oil!

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