Spice Blends for Paul Kahan

Each month, we highlight one of our spice blends in the hopes to better educate our clients and to inspire them to try new flavors. La Boite's founder, Lior Lev Sercarz, has formulated each blend to elevate your culinary experiences. Every blend is inspired by a person, a place, or a dish, with the flavors working together to tell a story.


PK, the Publican & avec



In order to celebrate three new spice blends added to our store, our spice blends with Paul Kahan are June's Blend of the Month!

Paul Kahan is a critically acclaimed chef and partner/executive chef at One Off Hospitality in Chicago. His restaurants include avec and the Publican, both of which are namesakes for the custom spice blends he created with Lior.

When Lior and Paul met 10 years ago, their shared love for food and spices inspired them to collaborate on three spice blends made for Paul and his restaurants. 

The first is PK, a blend of Aleppo, fleur de sel, and lemon. It goes great on lamb and fish, as well as salads.



Avec, named after the acclaimed restaurant avec in Chicago, is made with fleur de sel, lime, and green chili. We suggest using this blend with poultry, seafood, or cheese. 

The Publican is another blend named after one of Paul's restaurants. It is made with Urfa, orange, and cumin and is amazing with grilled meats, vegetables, or pasta dishes.




Check out our interview with Paul here! 



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