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Perfect stocking stuffer gifts for the food in your life! Here is our collection of culinary gifts under $10.
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jar of aleppo pepper
dried aleppo pepper close up
Aleppo $9.00
jar of urfa
urfa up close
Urfa $9.00
jar of sumac
sumac up close
Sumac $9.00
jar of vietnamese cinnamon
vietnamese cinnamon up close
Vietnamese Cinnamon $9.00
jar of tellicherry black pepper
tellicherry black pepper up close
Tellicherry Black Pepper $9.00
Fleur de Sel
Fleur de Sel
Fleur de Sel $9.00
jar of ground ginger
ginger up close
Ginger $9.00
jar of dried ancho chile
up close of dried ancho chile
Ancho $9.00
jar of amchoor spice
close up of amchoor spice
Amchoor $9.00
jar of black cardamom pods
up close of black cardamom pods
Black Cardamom $9.00
jar of sage
sage up close
Sage $9.00
jar of sesame seeds
sesame seeds up close
Sesame $9.00
jar of mint
mint up close
Mint $9.00
jar of anise spice
up close of anise spice
Anise $9.00
Fine Sea Salt
Fine Sea Salt
Fine Sea Salt $9.00
jar of zuta
zuta up close
Zuta $9.00
jar of poppyseeds
poppyseeds up close
Poppyseed $9.00
Hibiscus Blossom
Hibiscus Blossom
Hibiscus Blossom $9.00
jar of licorice
licorice up close
Licorice $9.00