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Premium single-origin spices to inspire your culinary journey.

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jar of whole allspice
close up of whole allspice
Allspice $9.00
jar of black cardamom pods
up close of black cardamom pods
Black Cardamom $9.00
Black Mustard
mustard seeds up close
Black Mustard $9.00
jar of cayenne pepper
up close of cayenne peppers
Cayenne $9.00
jar of dried chipotle peppers
dried chipotle peppers up close
Chipotle $9.00
Fine Sea Salt
Fine Sea Salt
Fine Sea Salt $9.00
Fleur de Sel
Fleur de Sel
Fleur de Sel $9.00
jar of whole juniper berries
juniper berries up close
Juniper $9.00
jar of kampot red pepper
kampot red pepper up close
Kampot Red Pepper $16.00
jar of paprika
paprika up close
Paprika $9.00
jar of poppyseeds
poppyseeds up close
Poppyseed $9.00
Saigon Bark
vietnamese cinnamon up close
Saigon Bark $9.00
jar of star anise
star anise up close
Star Anise $9.00
jar of tasmanian pepper
tasmanian pepper up close
Tasmanian Pepper $24.00