Dali N.20

Each month, we highlight one of our spice blends to better educate our clients and inspire them to try new flavors. La Boite's founder, Lior Lev Sercarz, has formulated each blend to elevate your culinary experiences. Every blend is inspired by a person, a place, or a dish, with the flavors working together to tell a story. 

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Dali N.20

Some blends feel especially seasonal because the ingredients and cohesive flavors that they create align with the tastes and feelings of certain times of the year. This is especially true for Dali N.20 as we settle into spring and start creeping towards the warm summer months.

Cayenne, lemon peel, and saffron are blended together to create a bright, citrusy blend that mimics the flavors found on the coasts of sunny Spain. Cayenne provides a gentle heat that helps intensify the rest of the ingredients in the blend. Lemon peel gives the blend a touch of acidity and brightness. The saffron in the blend is meant to show users a different side of saffron - more floral and versatile.

Dali N.20 serves to help boost the summery flavor of Spanish dishes along with almost any seafood dish, soups, grain dishes, and even vegetables. Think of a backyard seafood boil for celebrating Memorial Day with friends. 

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Recipe Ideas

  1. Add to chicken or vegetable broth (1 tbsp per quart) and use to cook seafood or vegetable risotto.
  2. Blend with roasted garlic and mayonnaise (2 tsp Dali per cup of mayonnaise) to make aioli.
  3. Combine in a blender with ripe cantaloupe, lime juice, and yogurt for a chilled soup.

Recommended Pairings

Crab boil - Poached fish - Sautéed gnocchi - Chicken fajitas - Potato latkes

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