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All of our blends and single spices, organized by date of release.
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Saigon Bark
Saigon Bark $9.00
Cyprus Black Salt
Cyprus Black Salt $9.00
Chaat Masala
Chaat Masala $16.00
Hibiscus Blossom
Hibiscus Blossom $9.00
Limited: Makrut Lime Leaves
Limited: Makrut Lime Leaves $18.00
Penja White Pepper
Penja White Pepper $16.00
Sarawak Black Pepper
Sarawak Black Pepper $9.00
Grand Pierre Poivre N.7
Grand Pierre Poivre N.7 $55.00
Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Extract $25.00
jar of curcumade spice blend
Curcumade $16.00
jar of d'vora spice blend
D'Vora $16.00
jar of turmeric and dried mango spice blend
Amba $16.00
jar of dried curry leaves
Limited: Curry Leaves $18.00
jar of green sichuan pepper
Limited: Green Sichuan Pepper $18.00
jar of sillery spice blend
Sillery (Ruinart) $16.00
jar of cinnamon buds
Limited: Cinnamon Buds $18.00
jar of dried dill leaf
Dill Leaf $9.00
jar of savory
Savory $9.00
jar of marjoram
Marjoram $9.00
jar of jasmine blossom
Limited: Jasmine Blossom $18.00