soeder spice blend soaps

Soeder Soaps

The Soeder + La Boite collaboration is a result of cultural exploration, global travel, and a passion for scents and ingredients sourced from around the world.  Spices are an essential component of culinary experiences everywhere and these natural soaps are meant to serve as a nod to inspiration gathered from people, cuisines, and stories alike.

 marrakesh hand soap


The luxurious city of Marrakesh is the fourth largest in the beautiful Kingdom of Morocco, with profound blue skies, opulent architecture, and charmingly vivacious culture. While people are often attracted by all the wonders Marrakesh has to offer, they tend to become captivated by the refined cuisine that boasts flavors as bold as the city’s dazzling components.  The Marrakesh scent is an homage to the souks of Morocco.

Our Marrakesh scent is meant to embody the striking nature of the Imperial city.  Top notes include the aromas of bright and floral cardamom spices, accompanied by piney cubeb berries. Bottom notes call on the hearty finish of nutty coriander herbs.

Marrakesh : floral and bright cardamom, with piney cubeb berries and a nutty coriander finish


 Byblos hand soap


The historic Lebanese city of Byblos is a destination that has long captured the attention of entertainers, artisans, historians, and culture mavens alike. Occupied by passionate visitors and locals, the city provides a beloved cuisine prepared with fresh meats, herbs, and robust spices.

Our Byblos scent speaks to the effervescent, yet authentic culture the city is known for by combining sense heightening, sweet and tangy sumac berries with the subtle, lush aroma of a smooth olive oil. Finally, the pleasant smell of sweet green anise effortlessly unites each note of this charming blend.

Byblos : tart sumac berries balanced with grassy olive oil and sweet green anise


 Wakayama hand soap


Wakayama City is in a Japanese prefecture known for its rich culture, as well as abundance of fruit and seafood dishes and the birthplace of shoyu.

The aroma of our Wakayama scent combines coveted regional spices that will take your senses on an immersive journey. The floral sancho pepper comes from Wakayama and evokes an enticing feeling of warmth, while the citrusy Yuzu offers a sublime fragrance reminiscent of sweet and sour flavors often used in Japanese kitchens. For its concluding notes, the scent is finalized by the robust earthy notes of toasted sesame.

Wakayama : peppery and floral sansho pepper, balanced by citrus and toasted sesame



Since 2015, our natural soap is made from organic cold-pressed oils in Switzerland. Nourishing ingredients like wheat proteins and honey regenerate the skin, the glycerin gives it some extra moisture. Our natural soap is antibacterial, naturally preserved, sulfate-free and biodegradable. . . in short, we make good things.