Spicing Up Pizza

Spicing Up Pizza

Here's a non-recipe for a change. We often get people in the shop who are here with friends and stand to the side, and when I ask them what they're interested in they say they don't cook. But everyone eats. And there's no reason not to season your food to make it more your own. There are plenty of pizza places close by to the shop, and sometimes I'll pop out and grab a slice, or pick one up on the way home. Spices make even the simplest cheese slice taste like something special.

Various Spices - Ideas by Christian Leue

Pizza Spice Ideas

Below are a few blends that work great as seasonings on pizza

• A 3:1 mixture of Izak and Shabazi is absolutely stunning on a cheese pizza (pictured). I keep a small jar pre-mixed in my bag for just this purpose.

Yagenbori with sausage. The nigella and light heat are great at bringing out savoriness.

Bernise with a vegetable slice or white pizza. The bright acidity of the vinegar powder is a great match. Shabazi on its own is also great on white pizza.

Za'atar is great sprinkled over pesto pizza, give it a try.

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