Limited Truffle Drop

Limited Truffle Drop

The best way to eat truffles is when they're fresh, and truffle season is here! Use these truffles to add a little decadence to even the simplest of meals or have a truffle themed dinner party and impress your guests. Regardless of how you use them, truffles are bound to add a little excitement to everyday cooking.

Black Truffles

Typically a little hardier than their white counterparts, black truffles can withstand being cooked. Slice them ultra-thin and slide them under the skin of chicken before roasting for an elevated version of the staple dish.

Once you've used the larger slices, you can heat the peelings and ends in olive oil to infuse it, this will keep for a few days refrigerated. Add to fries or popcorn. For homemade truffle butter, add small flecks to softened butter, shape and place back in the fridge.

Add some shaved slices over the top of soft-scrambled eggs and serve with toast when you feel like a fancier breakfast.

White Truffles

White truffles are more delicate than black and also much more expensive. They have hint of sweetness and allium flavor in addition to their earthiness, and pairs= well with a multitude of dishes.

Add slices to the top of simple potato, pasta, and risotto dishes. You can also add thin slices on top of toasted bread and cheese for a decadent antipasti.

Rich creamy textures and flavors pair well with white truffle, so go easy on acid, salt and spice when you decide to add your white truffles to a dish so you don't overpower their aroma and delicate flavor.

Storage Tips

For both black and white truffles, they are best stored in a bed of white rice in a sealed container in your refrigerator (tip: use a good Carnaroli or similar rice that you can make a risotto from later as it will be infused with truffle's aroma and flavor). If you use a larger container you can include fresh eggs as well, which will also take on great aroma as it will diffuse through the shells.
The key point is to keep them dry, they exude moisture as they age and without something to soak this up (much like putting your wet phone in a bag of rice), they will quickly spoil.
And use them up quickly, in simple preparations so that their flavor and aroma isn't overwhelmed. Truffles decline in aroma quickly, so try to use white ones within 3-4 days, and black ones within a week, before they become too dry and tough.

Image of baked camambert

Baked Camembert with Truffle

A very decadent dish perfect for having company over.