Rare Citrus Drop

Rare Citrus Drop

Open a treasure zest of citrus possibilities with these limited rare citruses from Flavors of Bhumi farm! Now that we are in peak citrus season, there's a wonderful variety Lior recently visited Bhumi Growers in Florence, New Jersey to checkout their unique and rare citrus farm that provides hard-to-find citrus to restaurants across the Northeast.

What's included?

image of rare citrus

  • 1 bottle of Nagami syrup
  • Nagami Kumquats
  • Mandarinquats
  • Sweet Limes

Nagami Syrup

A delicious simple syrup made with fresh Nagami kumquats. The tartness of the citrus compliment the sweetness of the syrup, making it a great addition to cocktails, desserts, or even a splash in a glass of sparkling water. 

Nagami Kumquats

Small to medium-sized varietal, averaging 4 to 5 centimeters in length, and have a distinct oval to teardrop shape with a bulbous, curved base tapering to a narrower stem end. The fruit’s peel is thick, smooth, and golden yellow to yellow-orange, covered in oil glands giving the surface a pebbled, textured appearance.. The kumquats are aromatic, releasing a refreshing, sweet, and slightly floral fragrance and the peel is sweet while the flesh is acidic, creating a sweet-tart, balanced flavor. The entire kumquat is edible, and the sweet and tangy fruit also has bright citrus-like notes combined with subtle apricot and woody nuances.


Mandarinquats are small to medium in size, averaging 2-4 centimeters in diameter and five centimeters in length, and have an elongated and rounded, tear-drop shape with a tapered neck. The thin rind is dark orange at maturity with a roughly pebbled appearance and is fragrant, glossy, and entirely edible.

The bright orange flesh is tender, soft, juicy, contains 3-10 small oblong seeds, and is divided into 6-7 segments by thin membranes. When consumed whole, Mandarinquats initially have a sweet flavor with a crunchy bite that transforms into a tangy, tart flavor with a juicy, soft texture.

Sweet Limes

Small to medium-sized varietal, averaging 5 to 6 centimeters in diameter, and have a round to oval appearance with a small point on one end. The peel is thin, smooth, and glossy, covered in sunken oil glands, giving the surface a slightly pitted texture. The peel also transitions in color from green, yellow-green, to a golden yellow with maturity.

Underneath the surface, there is a thin layer of spongy white pith tightly clinging to pale, yellow-green flesh. The pulpy flesh is divided into 8 to 9 segments by thin membranes and is aqueous, soft, and tender, containing a few to many cream-colored seeds. Sweet Limes are known for their aromatic, sweet, and floral scent. When rubbed or starched, the lemon’s surface releases essential oils through the glands, emitting a flower-like aroma reminiscent of rose water. They have low acidity, creating a sweet, bitter-less flavor.