Rare Citrus Drop

Open a treasure zest of citrus possibilities with these limited rare citruses from Flavors of Bhumi farm! Now that we are in peak citrus season, there's a wonderful variety Lior recently visited Bhumi Growers in Florence, New Jersey to checkout their unique and rare citrus farm that provides hard-to-find citrus to restaurants across the Northeast.

What's included?

Image of citrus products

  • 2 bottles of Calamansi Syrup, 4 oz each
  • 1 pound of Mango Oranges
  • 1 pound of Centennial Kumquats
  • 1 pound of Meiwa Kumquats

Calamansi Syrup

A delicious simple syrup made with fresh Calamansi citrus, hybrid of the kumquat that originated in the Philippines. The tartness of the citrus compliment the sweetness of the syrup, making it a great addition in cocktails, desserts, or even a splash in a glass of sparkling water. 

Mango Oranges

A small to medium sized orange with notes of vanilla and low acidity and a mild-orange flavor similar to the flavor of a creamsicle. The flesh has a beautiful orangey pink color. 

Centennial Kumquats

A cross between a kumquat and a mandarin orange. These pear shaped citruses have a smooth, pale yellow rind that turns more orange as they mature. Their flesh is juicier than kumquats and tart, with a sweet, thin rind. Aside from simply snacking on the fruit, they are particularly delicious in marmalades and cocktails. 

Meiwa Kumquats

This lesser known variety of kumquats has small round orange fruits. They have practically no acidity and are ultra sweet. Perfect for snacking.