Cajun Kraut Cakes

For most of my life I’d been dead set against instant just-add-water pancake mix. My wife and two year old son had me see the light, after all who wants to store part of an egg when you need to make only one pancake. So I started to do what I usually do, see what I could use a new ingredient to do and stretch its possibilities.

One day we made fried green tomatoes with pancake batter and cornmeal which was so much more easy and fun. But it’s spring, with none in sight, so I dug around in my fridge until I found…sauerkraut. I was surprised by how good they were, and came up with the perfect sauce, using a great hot sauce from our friends at Primo’s Peppers.

Southern culture is very stealth German (chicken fried steak is schnitzel for example), so it ended up being a great fit in more ways than one.