Flour Tortillas

Flour tortillas are one of the best, most versatile, and easiest to make of the flatbreads.  I once had a long discussion with a Mexican grocery vendor about all of the types of flour tortillas one could make and buy - we didn't even get to discuss corn tortillas. For griddled and baked items, a dryer, more machined style is best because they make the best crunchy, crackery crust for quesadillas.  The flour tortillas below are meant to be light, lacy, and fluffy.  They are delicious for tearing, slathering, swiping, and wrapping.  Make a batch to have fresh and keep leftovers in the fridge (or freezer) to warm up any time for that just-off-the-comal freshness.  When ready, turn your phone to airplane mode, brush the warm tortilla with softened butter and a sprinkling of Shabazi, and enjoy the delicate deliciousness.

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