Seafood and Chorizo Salvador Paella

Seafood & Chorizo Paella

Salvador N.19 is our go-to blend for paella. Pimentón, saffron and seafood essence gives the dish a warm heartiness and you won't need any other seasonings (besides salt).

This recipes is a loose interpretation of Spanish paella that builds flavor by adding Salvador at each step of the cooking process. Bomba rice, a short-grain rice from Spain and the foundation of this dish, absorbs liquid- and therefore the seasonings- more readily than other varieties of rice. You can find it online or in well-stocked markets.

You don't need a paella pan, but it's the only way to get a signature socarrat crust on the bottom of the rice, a thin, crackly, browned layer that crisps on the pan's steel base. Even without the socarrat, the dish is tasty.