Back in 2017 I shared my recipe for shakshuka, and since my son Max was born in March we’ve made it quite a few times. I make big batches and freeze them so we still have easy home-cooked meals on busy nights. I was staring at a stack of containers in the freezer and had the idea of combining two of my favorite foods. So here is shakshuka pizza, or shakshuzza.

I love to make pizza dough because it’s relaxing (I’m an advocate of bread therapy), and I’m sure it will be something fun to do with our son when he gets older. In a pinch pre-made dough works almost as well if you are pressed for time; most grocery stores have it, or ask at your local pizzeria. Or try my quick method described in the variations.

This recipe uses three of my favorite blends, Izak, Shabazi (optional but recommended), and Sheba. It can be made meat-free like my shakshuka, but I personally love it with some crumbled lamb merguez. 


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