Steamed Mussels

My wife, Lisa, and I like mussels a lot, especially when we’re having friends over. It’s a very social meal, best eaten with the pot in the center of the table so everyone can scoop their own servings. These shellfish are a great vehicle for any flavor—from coriander to sage—because they have a natural balance of salty and sweet. They easily become a complete meal with a salad and a loaf or two of crusty bread or, better yet, lots of fries—make sure to serve enough to soak up all the tasty juices from the pot. If you’re having more than four people over, simply double the quantities, use a bigger pot, and increase the cooking time, turning off the heat once the mussels are open.

Ground limon omani infuses the mussels and broth with a tangy citrus flavor without the hassle of squeezing fresh fruit. That sharpness is mellowed by savory dried garlic and sweet fresh shallots.


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