Za’atar Roasted Chicken

On countless visits here before I made Israel my home, I’d buy giant bags of za’atar from the shuk; that way, after I left and no matter where I was, if I was pining for the sun and spice of this magical place, I could sprinkle it back into my life, if even just for the duration of a meal. For something that takes 10 minutes to throw together, the roasted chicken is a masterpiece. I rest the bird right on top of the potatoes, so the za’atar-scented drippings coat the tangy, sumac-coated potatoes while they cook in unison. If you’re having a crowd, throw this in the oven during cocktail hour, then pull it out for oohs and aahs. If you’re feeding a smaller group, be happy, because this chicken, pulled off the bone and tossed into a salad, makes a killer next-day lunch. 


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