Israeli Recipes

Five recipes that capture the flavors of Israel. 

Green Chraime

A spicy Israeli fish stew made seasonal with the use of Swiss chard and chickpeas. 


A popular refreshing drink made throughout the Middle East. Remember- spearmint leaves are essential as peppermint leaves are too overpowering. Though typically not made with alcohol, you can experiment with adding some as you like. 

Jerusalem Bagels

Unlike the typical bagel, Jerusalem bagels aren't boiled before baking, making them tender and fluffy. An impossibly easy and rewarding bread to make.


Lamb Arayes

Lamb, fresh herbs, and vegetables all tucked into a pita bread. The perfect hand held snack. 


Eggplant Carpaccio

Tender, fire roasted eggplant served on a bed of tahina.  



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