Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Waking mom up with breakfast in bed made by the whole family to show their appreciation and love is one of the best Mother's Day traditions. Here are recipes to inspire you for this upcoming Mother's Day:

image of la boite eggs benedict

La Boite Style Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict with a Middle-Eastern twist, using shakshuka and Green Tahini Sauce. Making something that isn't a normal part of the breakfast routine for mom feels special, thoughtful, and memorable.

image of spice cream cheese and eggs

Spiced Cream Cheese and Eggs

Simple scrambled eggs get a fancy treatment with spiced cream cheese. This dish is super easy for involving kids in the cooking process, with relatively few steps and an easy cooking process.

Pan-Roasted Potatoes

A flavorful, spiced side dish!

Sesame Cardamom Granola

Add something sweet with Desert Rose spiced granola. The floral rose petals and halva floss in the blend slightly sweeten the granola and make it luxurious.

Sesame Milk

The perfect accompaniment to Sesame Cardamom Granola. 

Sesame Strawberry Tiramisu

A delicate dessert that's as sweet as mom. This version of tiramisu is light, floral, nutty, and fruity, great for a sunny Sunday morning brunch. 

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