The Italian Blend Set

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A collection of spice blends with Italian flair.

Inspired by the flavors of Italian cuisine, the Italian Blend Set brings bold flavors and inspiration in a jar.  For quick buttery pastas, warm and roasty vegetable and mushroom dishes, irresistible roasted chicken, and the best chili flake blend ever - these blends elevate every day.

The Italian Blend Set includes:

  • Cacio e Pepe - Parmesan cheese, Tellicherry peppercorn, and a touch of natural grey sea salt. Elevate dishes with the classic flavor of Cacio e Pepe--just sprinkle and stir.
  • CRP - Crushed Red Pepper. A balanced blend of chocolatey, bright, and hot chilies. From pasta aglio e olio to charry wood-oven pizza, CRP adds bold, sweet, rounded flavor.
  • Funghi - Bold porcini mushroom, savory ramps, and Calabrian chili flakes. This umami blend brings deep roasted flavor to everything from parmesan risotto to red wine sauces.
  • MFC - Barrel-aged Tabasco chilies with honey and a tangy finish. This complex, spicy mix is full of herby oregano, bringing sweet heat to classic comfort foods.
  • Porchetta - Inspired by the flavor of porchetta, this complex blend layers wild Italian fennel pollen, green anise, and Lucknow fennel. Pair it with golden brown sears and lemon flavors.
Product Details: 
  • Total of 5 jars
  • Cacio e Pepe - Parmesan cheese powder, Tellicherry peppercorns, gray sea salt, spices (contains: milk, salt). net wt 2.5oz
  • CRP - Urfa, Aleppo, and Calabrian chilies, salt (contains salt). net wt. 2oz
  • Funghi - Porcini Mushroom, Ramps, Calabrian chili, garlic, spices (contains garlic). net wt. 2.25oz
  • MFC - honey, Tabasco powder, oregano, garlic, spices (contains: salt, garlic). net wt 2oz
  • Porchetta - Lucknow fennel seed, fennel pollen, anise seed, spices. net wt. 2oz
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