Beach House Paella

Beach House Paella

My brother and I grew up eating versions of paella made by our German and Japanese parents. Though both would have upset most traditionalists, we loved and always looked forward to them. We used whatever rice we could find, mixed seafood with chicken and sausage, and cooked it mostly in the oven.

I've since made quite a few Valencian paellas, and they are stunning, but a bit challenging for a home cook without access to both the outdoors and to uncommon ingredients.

This recipe is what I came up with on a family vacation to Fire Island: we had a grill, a big skillet with a lid, exceptionally fresh squid, my usual kit of Japanese ingredients and spices, and a seafood broth from dinner the night before. I'd also just seen a particularly spectacular sunset and wanted to make something that was equally beautiful.

There is a fine line between honoring tradition and inspiring innovation, and I think this preparation straddles that division well. Take this as a starting point in your cooking adventures, and make sure to share it with your favorite people!