dal makhani indian black lentils

Dal Makhani (Indian Black Lentils)

Dal Makhnai or Indian Black Lentils are found on most restaurant menus but it can feel intimidating for the home cook.  Now thanks to our ultra delicious, super aromatic Garam Masala blend found in our Dabba (or spice box) with La Boite you can make this classic culinary delight at home. 

When I set out to co-create this Garam Masala blend with La Boite I wanted to pay homage to my mom and her blend that she made from scratch when I was a growing up in India.  She would dry toast the spices, until the whole house was fragrant and aromatic with the scent of cardamom, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, and chili then coarsely grind it and that’s exactly the texture that we have created in our Garam Masala blend. – Kanchan Koya.